Congratulations to our 2020 Finale Week Winners for WW07! 

Congratulations to our 2020 Event Champions

Top Cycling Club: WAB SG (47,923.2KM Total Mileage)

Top Cycling Team: Triathlon Philippines T1 (11,917.4KM Total Mileage)

Top Running Club: The Bull Runner (10,625.2KM Total Mileage)

Top Running Team: Lockdown Junkies (4,208.4KM Total Mileage)

Top Youth Champion: Shayne Acasio (177.3KM Total Mileage)

Top Cycling Distance Champion Philippines: Ferdinand Bautista (4607.8KM Total Mileage)

Top Cycling Distance Champion Singapore: Jon Lao-Ang (4242.8KM Total Mileage)

Top Cycling Activity Champion Singapore: Ferdinand Bautista (163 Rides)

Top Running Distance Champion Philippines: Purple Laine (1885.1KM Total Mileage)

Top Running Distance Champion Singapore: Aik Meng Tan (850.9KM Total Mileage)

Top Running Activity Champion Singapore: Purple Laine (417 Runs)


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Let’s just have FUN with a HEALTHY COMPETITION!

Important Announcement:

“iMove It Move it” is a free event meant to create a community of inspiration and encouragement to fellow runners & cyclists to be more active and support one another.

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Let that sweat count with a healthy competition!